Politique de Confidentialité

What is our mission?

Our mission is to collect your mail to inform you about the Catenon’s news, articles, events, and new entries in our Blog, as well as our own activities related to the recruitment and talent search sector.

On what legal basis do we base the data processing?

In order to process your personal data, we do need to base it on the consent you give us under article 6. 1 a) GDPR.

What do we need?

Your e-mail address.

Why do we need it?

Only to send you our Newsletters and the electronic communications we edit.

What information do we get from the service?

We collect statistics on the opening email and clicks using industry-standard technologies, including pixels to help us monitor and improve our electronic communications.

Since we use the so-called double opt-in process you will receive a confirmation email once you have completed and sent your data. Please, check your email to confirm the registration in our distribution list. In case you do not confirm the registration, we will not keep this personal information.

How long do we keep your data?

Until you decide to be part of our list of recipients as the sender of our electronic editions. In every moment, you can decide if you don’t want to continue belonging to our distribution list.

What are your rights?

Since the purpose of our list of recipients is based on your consent, you can proceed to unsubscribe at any time. To do so, you can do it through the link that we incorporate in all our communications or through the following email address: lopd@catenon.com.

Do you have any doubt about it?

You can get in touch with our data protection delegate lopd@catenon.com.

To learn more about our privacy policy regarding the different processing of personal data can access through the following link.

Thank you for being part of our community.